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We're all probably familiar with the charismatic postwar bikes, but the Gold Star first arrived in the years leading up to the Second World War, originally designated the M24. It was based on BSA's sporting Empire Star model, and took its name from the award given to those riders who lapped the Brooklands circuit at over 100mph. The first Gold Star was an all-alloy 496cc engine in a light-gauge tubular frame (missing the sidecar lugs which were normally present on all workaday machines of the era), with an Amal TT carb and Electron alloy gearbox.

Although its later incarnations are now firmly established in classic biking's eternal Hall of Fame, this first Gold Star received a lukewarm reception and suffered in comparison to the prewar Speed Twin. Its performance was nothing particularly special, and at the time it had little competition success to boast about. The model went out of production when the War broke out, but the name was later revived in the late 1940s. The bike


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