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The name Gold Star had its origin in June 1937 when Wal Handley came out of retirement to race at Brooklands on an iron barrelled Empire Star tuned to run on alcohol. The BMCRC awarded a lapel badge in the form of a gold star surrounding the figure 100 to any rider who lapped the Brooklands concrete bowl at over 100 mph whilst competing in one of their club races. Handley did this and in recognition, BSA, who were developing a 500cc Sports single, named it the Gold Star. Post-war development (including a domination of the Clubmans TT races) culminated in the 499cc Model DBD 34, but its specialised specification eventually made it uneconomical to produce so the Gold Star was phased out in 1963. Engine - 85 x 88mm, 499cc, ohv single-cylinder engine with light alloy barrel and head, Stellite tipped valves

  • Power - 40-45 bhp @ 7000 rpm
  • Top Speed - 110mph
  • Weight - 380 lbs
  • Price new - 312.14.5 in Clubman's racing trim
  • Produced - 1948-1968
  • Photo from kind permission of the Motorbike Search Engine

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